Adventure Trips for Teens

"My kids have been complaining lately that they haven’t traveled much. The thing is, it’s their fault. I would love to do some fun summer travel with them, but they’re not willing to give up the things they usually do in summer (a music program in Queens and then a performing arts sleepaway camp for Jake, and a sleepaway camp for Fiona).

If they didn’t go to camp, we could take off anywhere they wanted. I’m glad they’ve found camps they love, but it does mean that they’ve never been out of North America, except for trips they were too young to remember.

They had an opportunity to travel this summer with an adventure company for teens, but we just couldn’t make it work with their schedules. I wish I could go in their places!  But I can’t, so I didn’t end up working with the company that made the offer. I did a lot of research about them, though, so I thought I would share it with you in case you’re interested in something like this for your child."

-By Amy Oztan