Supermom Syndrome is Voluntary

The latest article to make the rounds about easing up on moms is this one, in The New York Times. It’s a good piece, especially the first half about how grating it is when an adult calls another adult who did not give birth to them “Mom” or “Mommy.”

But then it veered in a direction that’s become all too familiar lately:

The current culture demands that every mother be all in, all the time. My sister-in-law told me about a mom at her kid’s elementary school who took the basic school T-shirt that everyone got and painstakingly created a beaded fringe at the bottom, replete with cinched waist and perfectly cuffed sleeves. All of the other little girls gathered around, screeching variations of “I want the same thing!” Incredibly enough, instead of laughing in their unrealistic faces the way our parents might have, all the adults started mumbling, “Yes, O.K., we can do that, sure, I’ll learn a challenging new craft, no problem. Tonight, of course. We’ll do it tonight.”

-By Amy Oztan