From decoding the U.S. healthcare system and finding a family doctor to seeking out the best boutique fitness classes, beauty services, and posh shops, we configure your essential beauty & health guide.

1.    Transportation and Travel: We steer you through the city’s transportation options—whether you’re driving, taking the subway, or discovering the city on foot. From providing maps and guides to giving personalized tutorials on local travel and weekend getaways, we help you get to where you’re going. 

2.   Health and Beauty: We know that health and wellness is core to your lifestyle. We help you find the best spots to get your OM on, as well as a list of local physicians, fitness studios, premier gyms and personal trainers. We also advise on recommendations for hair salons, facialists, manicurists, kid salons, acupuncturists and more.

3.   Shopping: We direct you to all the right shops that suit your needs. Whether you seek boutiques or large department stores, we advise on where to patron should you want clothing, home furnishings, toys, electronics, books, and so much more.